Azureus Ltd, offer HR solutions & consultancy to deliver a professional, cost-effective approach to human resources management, supporting SME’s, and delivering innovative practices to all, SME to blue chip organisations.

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Our key differentiator is through offering a commercial edge to Human Resources not provided by many organisations who just focus on your HR services.

Think about what challenges you, how do we reward our people, how are we organised as a business?

These are some of the areas we can review together.
  1. As part of our business consultancy, Azureus offers solutions from basic advice and assistance in dealing with conflict in the workplace, which maybe support to deal with conduct issues, grievances or more commonly what to do about interim or prolonged sickness absence or performance issues. We can enable you to resolve these issues in a positive, legal and empathetic manner, whilst ensuring the commercial prerogative is delivered.
  2. To support your business in delivering great people management, policies and procedures to support collaborative people leadership can be provided and training to support this. Whether it is also organisational advice or reward policies need reviewing Azureus can enable your company to create a better, more collaborative environment for your business to thrive.
  3. How often does your business offer feedback, development and support to your people? Great Performance Management should be the cornerstone of any commercial organisation, be it a plc, SME, or charitable establishment Let Azureus work with you to implement performance review procedures, coaching and capability to make your business grow even stronger.
  4. One of the biggest challenges can be “change management” be that changing the direction of a sales team, recruiting or sadly laying off people, or completely restructuring your whole business. I personally have experience in large scale organisational redesign on a Global scale, to helping smaller businesses refocus their business priorities by digging deep into what their objectives are and how best to deliver these. Azureus can and will help your business evolve.

These are some of the areas we can review together.

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