What is really out of the box?10 Aug 2016

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Gareth Williams of Azureus Ltd (HR Consultants) shares a few thoughts with us on leadership and management in the workplace:-

“We talk all day about reward management and relating that to performance, hey guess what my colleague who was a Reward Manager told me off the record she did not believe it made one bit of difference as most managers knew who were in or out with regards to leaders.

Performance Management processes are critical, but do they really make any difference if line managers are too scared to follow through on poor performance, and what is poor performance, what are the measures, KPI’s..?

Where does this leave Talent development, we have to be careful of elitism, whilst bringing through future leaders.

I met someone today who I interviewed for a position, but he didn’t believe he could do it because the role was really commercial, but he saw himself as a financial account. I know he can fulfill this position as a business consultant for exactly those reasons. He is joining the business, which will give an extra dimension.

Consider this, what is the point and absolute definition of our role in HR? It is to provide commercial delivery through our people agenda, which has to be sanctioned and led by the leadership team of any business. This is not rocket science, but is common sense.

Are we passionate in our actions, do we believe we are making a difference? I’d say most people I’ve worked with in my profession are very deeply driven to ‘make a difference’.

It isn’t really out of the box, but suggestions would be train and empower managers to be able to do their line management jobs (nothing surprising there),

However, one thing I have been considering is why not turn around to your shop stewards (if you have them) or operational people and get them to run the business for a month. The leaders take their roles (if trained) and at the end of it you will each really understand what it really means to be in those positions.

I’d also ensure HR and Finance engage in this. I’ve done a period at a newspaper printers operation and hated every minute, but it made me realise what these people do.

Don’t think role reversal is really revolutionary, but well worth giving it a go.

What do you think?”

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  1. Niall says:

    Role reversal is often an opportunity to see rolls and responsibilities from all sides.
    Some times we often don't see what is right in front of us.

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