Azureus offers solutions from basic advice and assistance in dealing with conflict in the workplace, which maybe support to deal with conduct issues, grievances or more commonly what to do about interim or prolonged sickness absence or performance issues.

We can enable you to resolve these issues in a positive and empathetic manner, whilst ensuring the commercial prerogative is delivered.

Policies and procedures to support collaborative people leadership can be provided and training to support this. Whether it is also organisational advice or reward policies need reviewing Azureus can enable your company to create a better, more collaborative environment for your business to thrive.

We can help your business to thrive in many ways:


Coaching and mentoring is about leadership, yes, but it also about developing the next generation of talent for global business. I am passionate about creating future managers and leaders to challenge how we do things, and create learning for tomorrow. At Azureus we devote ourselves to developing the leaders of tomorrow and steering leadership teams through periods of disruption and difficulty. Those challenges are what makes any organisation grow and develop. Everything we do is designed to help people grow, learn and be successful and thoughtful in a dynamic, challenging market.



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People engagement is one of the toughest opportunities businesses miss fulfilling. People engage with an organisation, because they feel respected, valued, have great companionship and get meaningful feedback.
Whilst all of these things are critical, so are enabling your leaders to support and deliver great people management, be that cultural, or basic use of professional processes and procedures.
Azureus offers training to leaders of organisations to ensure that the basics of people engagement are delivered, whilst also considering the broader aspects of how we all can be supported to transition from being someone who is highly motivated and committed to someone who really values what we are all trying to achieve in an organisation.




One of the most important activities in business in the 21st Century (and I’m sure through the ages) is networking and how to maximize the benefit of this activity. At Azureus we can offer training in how to gain the best from these activities and hopefully introduce you to a number of groups which can help you in your career.



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Effective business networking is the linking together of individuals who, through trust and relationship building, become walking, talking advertisements for one another. As the representative of Azureus Limited I attended many such event, be it breakfast meetings, evening sessions or simply sharing coffee with business people who I have met.

How many of you, like me, have wasted time “working the room” giving and receiving the gift of the ceremonial business card? Then what? Nothing!

Here are some simple tips for more successful ventures into the world of networking:

  • find out who is attending, if you can identify people who may have shared business interests, then seek them out and spend productive time learning about what they do, and investigate any potentially beneficial collaboration which may be possible;
  • when approached by someone who asks you what you do, don’t spend 10 minutes boring them to death, (we all love to tell people about what we do) give them a 60 second soundbite then ask them what they do;
  • be acquainted with the host(ess) as if they recognise and talk to you, others will be interested in you, as you “must be in the know” – ever heard of the moths around a flame;
  • don’t try to dominate conversations, remember what all good trainers have ever taught us on moderately interesting training courses, you have one mouth and two ears, use them proportionately;
  • don’t try and tell jokes, be witty but reserved, not “ever heard the one about the idiot who thought he/she could amuse everyone in the room?” No. Well make sure it isn’t you..!
  • remember why you are there – to listen, engage and hopefully mutually benefit from your avuncular manner;
  • share positive experiences you’ve gained from like events, and ask your fellow delegate to share theirs;
  • ask what issues they find most challenging in their business (of course) relating to the services or products your business offers; “Oh dear did your payroll provider let you down, I’m so sorry, just so happens I also run a payroll business, how potentially convenient for us both…”
  • celebrate together the opportunity which may exist to collaboratively work together to jointly succeed.

At Azureus we have experience in networking and many contacts that can help your business. Attend business meetings with Azureus and we plan to make contacts for you that work.


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Strategic Human Resource Management is correctly informed by business strategy, whereby activity and initiatives can be devised and implemented by mapping the linkage and ultimate impact on financial performance.

Strategic human resource management may be regarded as an approach to the management of human resources that provides a strategic framework to support long-term business goals and outcomes. The approach is concerned with longer-term people issues and macro-concerns about structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching resources to future need.

What does this mean for your business? Well it is how you can ensure your leadership agenda sits complementary to how you engage your people for the optimal mutual benefit of your organisation.
Here at Azureus we have many years of experience in engaging businesses and their people to achieve success. Speak to us to optimise your capability.


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Workforce planning is one of the most critical aspects of a business’ leadership.. At Azureus we have extensive experience in enabling business leaders to create Resourcing Plans for its people management, and have delivered large scale recruitment of both operative people and highly specialist individuals, for example people leading e-commerce and the e-enabled world. At the same time we have also delivered difficult relocation and redundancy programmes in a positive and practical way.

Resourcing is a major issue for all people managers. The basis of people management lies in how work gets done and who does it. Therefore, the rationale behind why we should decide on one solution rather than another is fundament to business leaders. Azureus will help you deliver this successfully, proficiently and commercially, whilst also ensuring empathy if difficult activities are to be delivered.



Azureus offers guidance and support on all employment issues. Conflict management and the challenge of the Employment Tribunal are issues not to be taken lightly, nor to be ignored.

At Azureus we have years of experience of dealing with challenges within the workplace, and enabling businesses to resolve these without further difficulty.
Our aim is to help businesses encourage and attain an engaged workforce, but recognise individual challenges may arise from time to time. We will assist you to resolve these with minimal issue, but will also support you through any process with which you may become engaged.

Our view of Business Success through People Success is never more important than it maybe in dealing with matters of people leadership.

Azureus is able to lead you through any difficulties which your organisation may encounter and resolves to avoid your need to become involved in legal difficulties and the related costs of legal implications.
Speak to us before you have to speak to legal counsel.

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